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Playoff Rules


All Playoff Games follow the Region 214 Regular Season Rules of Play. However, all games must end in a winner, so ties at the end of regulation time for playoff games will be broken as follows:

Two Overtime Periods

Two overtime periods will be played in full (no golden goals or sudden death).

  • For U10, the overtime periods are five-minutes each.
  • For U12, the overtime periods are five-minutes each.
  • For U14 the overtime periods are seven-minutes each.


  • between end of regulation play and first overtime are 3 minutes.
  • between each overtime period and between overtime and KFTM are 2 minutes.

After the end of regulation time, if the score is tied, the referee will request that the team captains and coaches come to the center circle to explain the overtime procedures. The referee will conduct a coin toss, similar to the coin toss at the start of the game. The team that correctly calls the toss of the coin will choose which goal to attack and the other team will kick-off. After the end of the first overtime period, the teams will change sides and the game will be restarted with a kick-off by the team that did not kick off for the first overtime period.

During the overtime periods, the teams are not required to make any substitutions and the three-quarter playing time rule does not apply. If a team wants to make any substitutions, such substitutions may only be made before the start of each overtime period or to replace an injured player. Free substitution is not permitted.

The referee will permit a short break (no more than three minutes) between overtime periods. For time purposes, the first overtime period shall be treated as the first half and the second overtime period shall be treated as the second half. Time will not be extended or added for either overtime period for any reason except:

  1. For the taking and completion of a penalty kick, per standard FIFA rules.
  2. In the event that a serious injury results in a signficant stoppage of play.

If a player has been sent-off during regulation time, that sanction will continue through the overtime periods and the team will be required to play with only the number of players permitted after the send-off(s). If the score is still tied after completion of both overtime periods, the winner shall be determined by Kicks from the Penalty Mark.

Kicks from the Penalty Mark

The Laws of the Game (page 54-55, and pages 128-129) specify the procedures to be followed in the event a game must be determined by Kicks from the Penalty Mark. All of those procedures shall be followed with two exceptions:

  1. All substitutes shall be permitted to join the players on their team in the center circle, but the referee must note that such players are substitutes and will not be permitted to participate in the kicks
  2. A maximum of two coaches from the team may join the team in the center circle.



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